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Our medication strategy

Mom's med key 3.20.17

When Mom first moved in with me almost 10 years ago, she didn’t have any meds. She also hadn’t been to the doctor in who knows how long. Even after I got her in and had some health concerns addressed, she only took 3-4 pills per day, and one of those was a multi-vitamin. We initially had her pill bottles on the breakfast table, but when I realized that she wasn’t taking them properly, I got a weekly med minder set up for her.

This worked pretty well until after her heart attack last year. After she came home from the hospital and rehab, she just never could get back into the rhythm of taking them herself. That’s also when her number of prescriptions increased. And she was more disoriented. After she woke up from an afternoon nap, thought it was 5 am instead of 5 pm, and took a her morning meds for the second time that day, the med minder moved from the bathroom counter to the kitchen counter so I could set them out for her each morning at breakfast and each evening at dinner.

With the increase in her number of medications, it became a little overwhelming even to me, and I had to set up a key and number the bottles to be sure I filled the weekly minder properly. I can’t even imagine how elderly people living alone keep track of all their meds on their own.

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