Grocery Freedom, But Not For Steve

Grocery bags 2017-10-11 07.48.28
Getting ready for grocery shopping

On Sunday, Mom was anticipating our grocery trip.

Mom (to Vickie): Today’s our grocery shopping day.

Vickie: Yes, it is.

Mom: But Kay’s not going to let me go. She says I’m too slow.

Vickie: You are, and it’s dangerous in the grocery parking lot. If you practice, you can get faster. Do you want to walk to the mailbox with me?

Mom: No, I don’t want to. You can go.


Vickie and I tell Mom ‘bye and head out, but before we can get to the car, Vickie says, “She calling for Steve.”

We go back into the house.

“Grandma, what do you need?”

“I don’t need anything.”

“Why are you calling for Steve?”

“Because I want to tell him not to go outside until y’all get back.”

“Mom, Steve can go outside if he wants to.”

“But what if the phone rings?”



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