Bingo Prizes (and dogs)

Bingo Prizes 2017-03-13 07.56.59.jpg
Gracie and Sophie wait for a chance to knock pillows onto the floor.

Mom loves when they play Bingo at the Senior Center, and she especially loves when she wins.

The monkey on the table to the right is a bingo prize from several years ago, one of many Beanie Babies we at one point had artfully arranged around the living and her room. Most of them are up in the top of her closet now, packed up when we moved.

Lately, she’s been winning and bringing home small hand-sewn items – pillows, lap-quilts, totebags. I try to arrange them artfully around the living room, on the couch, mostly, but the rambunctious dogs usually make sure they end up scattered, not artfully at all, across the living room floor.

My granddaughters will be visiting this week for Spring break. I’m hoping Mom will let them each choose a pillow to take home.

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