Mystical Fortune


Me: Mom, why aren’t you wearing socks with your shoes?

Mom: I don’t have any socks.

Me: You have a drawer full of socks!

Mom: Can you bring me some?


Last night, after dinner and as Linda, the Bath Lady, arrived, I drive three blocks down our street to attend the last half-hour of Grand Opening Day at Mystical Moon, a new metaphysical store in Palm Harbor. There were lots of bright-and-shiny objects (one of which is now mine), and comfy, artsy clothing (one of which is now mine), and books and all kinds of other things.

They had a basket for entering a drawing, and a tray of little fortune scrolls. I entered the drawing, and took my fortune scroll (see above) which I read and put into my pocket. When one of the ladies asked me about it, I pulled it out, showed it to her, and told her I thought I must have gotten someone else’s, as I am the least angry person I know. They asked if I wanted to try a different one, but I declined and kept this one.

This morning, after Mom and I had the above conversation, I was pretty frustrated at our on-going back-and-forth about socks. I remembered my fortune scroll and dug it out of the bottom of my purse. Turns out folly means foolishness.  So, if we change this up a little bit:

Frustration leading to Anger begins with foolishness (say, the foolishness of getting upset about socks), and ends with regret.

Well, maybe this fortune scroll was meant for me, after all.

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