Around the corner 2014-12-20 14.24.24.jpg
What’s around the corner? Who knows?


Every day, people make choices. Good choices. Poor choices. Bad choices. And every day, I make the conscious choice to take care of Mom. I don’t have to. Many people choose not to care for their parents, or even have much contact with them. My work in child welfare shows me every day that some people don’t even take care of their own kids.

Oh, sometimes I get whiny inside my head about all the stuff I have to do to care for her and all the stuff I can’t do because there’s no time in between all the other stuff. On a good day, I stop this negative spiral by reminding myself that as far back as I can remember, my first goal was to be a good mom to my children (even before I had any children), and as soon as I was old enough to understand that the need would eventually arise, my second major life goal has been to make sure Mother is well cared for.

We’ve been on this journey together for nine years, so far. And every morning, when my alarm goes off and Mom’s alarm goes off, I make that choice again.

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