Diaper Champ Deluxe


Just a little practical advice for those caring for someone with incontinence. The Diaper Champ is the best product I’ve found for ease of use for Mom, plus odor control. It has the flip-top that is used for tiny baby diapers, but does not accommodate larger ones, so Mom opens it at the blue button each time to put her used briefs in. Once it’s closed, there is no odor, and it costs less than $50 (I don’t remember exactly how much) at Amazon.com, shipping included. You can also pick them up at Target, and probably Walmart.

Reviews say that the Diaper Genie is the absolute best at controlling odors, but it seemed like it would just be too complicated for Mom to use, and I wanted to be as removed from the process as possible.

Please don’t spend your money on the Janibel (about $100 wasted on that one) as it did not control odors at all, and I ended up throwing it out and buying a smaller Diaper Champ than I had had before, because I had been so excited about the Janibel, and then couldn’t find the larger Diaper Champ anymore. Live and learn. Or, better yet, learn from my mistakes.


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